Watermelon and Some Uninvited Guests

Watermelons were so cheap in Agra, and after hassling with touts and tour guides for two days, we decided a watermelon and an afternoon in the park were just what the doctor ordered.

Earl found a 3 kg melon for 50 rupees ($1), and had the vendor cut it up for us.


We found a lovely shaded park not too far from our hotel, and found a bench to settle on for the afternoon. And then we dug in!


After just a few pieces of watermelon each, we discovered we had guests.


At first we thought it was all quite charming, so we fed them a couple of watermelon rinds. But we couldn’t keep up with the demand, and they started to get a bit pushy about sharing in our picnic.



Eventually they tired of our evasive tactics and they left us in peace to eat.

But, like everywhere in India, you’re never alone for long, and there’s always someone who wants what you don’t. We turned around to discover another guest.


This one, we decided, based on its girth, had either crashed a lot of picnics recently, or was eating for two. Both of us know enough to not mess with the pregnant lady. Anyway, by this time we were able to keep up with the demand so we didn’t mind to share.

What a fun afternoon in the park!

3 comments to Watermelon and Some Uninvited Guests

  • kitty

    and how does that compare to our pesky seagulls?
    Fun to look at some of these relaxed pictures as well. Just to see that your trip is not only the sightseeing, but also has some fun packed into it, is a nice change

    Thanks again for sharing

    • iPadNomads

      On the one side, with the cows we don’t have to worry about them pooping on us! However, unlike the cows, the seagulls are easy to shoo away. The cows are fast eaters and demand more. Thankfully we held them off long enough that they got tired of the game and went to look for easier eats.

  • Karen

    Glad to see that the monkey was not as agressive as the one we encountered in Kruger Park when on safari…he was nasty!…love all the pics and blogging :-)

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