Overnight in the Malolotja National Park

We have a friend, Blake McDermott, from Swaziland. If it weren’t for that, we would likely never have thought to visit Swaziland. Blake, we owe you a debt of gratitude — Swaziland was extremely beautiful, and we’re so glad we went!

On the recommendation of Blake’s mom and brother, who still live in the capital city, Mbabane, we spent the night at the Malolotja National Park. We arrived late in the afternoon, and didn’t get a chance to see too much our first day. Even the second day, we only saw a tiny part of the enormous preserve, but what we saw was absolutely breathtaking!

Here are a couple shots from the last hour before sunset, when we drove to a couple of lookouts.




It turns out we had the entire campground to ourselves. We made a fire, cooked some dinner, and chatted about life. It’s so nice to be camping with the love of your life!



The next morning we were greeted by another herd of blesbok outside our campervan. This one was nice enough to pose for a photo.


We had a quick breakfast and headed off for a hike to one of the tallest waterfalls in the park. It turned out to be pretty hot and fairly strenuous, due to the unevenness of the terrain. However, the scenery was worth it!




Finally at our destination! Not as much volume as we were expecting (yes, there really is water flowing through that crack in the rocks), but certainly very high!


Now to climb back up…


We saw a couple of bush pigs on our way back!



What a wonderful way to spend a morning! After a bite of lunch we were on our way to Mbabane to meet up with Blake’s mom and brother.

Have you ever had a place you ended up in rather accidentally, and it totally amazed you? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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