Visiting the Protheroes in Malindi

Geoff and Eleanor Protheroe work in Malindi, Kenya. When we made the decision to travel to Kenya, we made contact with them, and we’re so glad we did!

First of all, we did not know them extremely well before we came, just that they are international workers, partially supported by my home church, Kelly Creek, in Powell River and that some of their children are the same ages as some of my siblings. We’d chatted before, but did not know each other well. And although Geoff could not be in Malindi when we were, and Eleanor also left town for a couple days when we were there, it was still nice to meet up with both of them and talk and get to know each other better.

In addition, we enjoyed Eleanor’s excellent baking and cooking, and especially her fresh fruit smoothies!


Eleanor and Charlotte on her balcony

Secondly, we had a wonderful time at the Protheroes’ home in Malindi, taking a holiday from our travels. It was so nice to be staying in a house with a nice, shady green yard, and a lovely balcony…


… Sleeping in a comfortable, clean and cool bed…


… With friendly and super-hospitable neighbours: Mary, and her two children Moureen and Alfonso.


Mary (or as the locals call her, Mama Moureen) adopted us while Eleanor was away. She sent over heaping portions for almost every meal, and it was so delicious!


A traditional Kenyan meal, with 'ugali' and zucchini -- so good!

While we were in Malindi, we enjoyed a couple of strolls on the beautiful beach across the road…


… And even made it out of our super-comfortable bed early one morning to watch the sun rise…


… And the clouds of a distant storm roll in.


We went in to the town a few times, for church, for a visit to the Gede Ruins and to take care of a couple of details like getting a couple of groceries (read, ‘delicious, fresh mangoes’) and a micro SIM card for the iPad, but mostly, we enjoyed relaxing in the coolness of the property.

Thank you so much, Geoff and Eleanor, for opening up your home to us and being such a blessing!

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