I Kissed A Gir**** & I Liked It!


I kissed a GIRAFFE, and I liked it. Well, I liked the novelty of it, and the uniqueness of being able to get up close and personal with such an amazing creature. I wouldn’t say the kiss itself was that amazing — more like a slobbery mess all over my chin!

Charlotte and I had the chance to visit the Giraffe Center while we were in Nairobi, Kenya. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to up close and personal with these animals!

So we took the local transit, a ‘matatu’, out towards the Giraffe Centre.



After walking down to the intersection leading to the centre, we stopped to enjoy our packed lunch and a couple of cold cokes at a local joint.



The picture of the shop doesn’t give this place credit. As you can see below, there was really nothing at this T junction except for these two little shops (yes, there are actually two shops here, plus an additional lady to the right of the stand, just outside of the picture, selling some stuff under her umbrella too) and a lot of green land. Being our last day in Kenya, we realized that it was our last chance for fresh cheap mangos, so we bought 5 of them from the shop on the left and enjoyed them thoroughly! We also enjoyed some entertainment when we arrived, watching the security company work on getting their vehicle unstuck from the ditch after the heavy rains from the night before.


After our lunch break, we took the motorcycle taxi, from the picture above, to the end of the small road and took the shortcut through a ravine to get the rest of the way there.



The park has a raised platform so you can be on the same level as the giraffes, and everyone is given a couple of handfuls of giraffe food to feed the friendly giants.


When we were there, there were also two six month old baby giraffes. We were astounded to see how tall they already were at such a young age!


It was impressive too, to learn how long a giraffe’s tongue is — almost 45 cm long (that’s almost half a meter)! We didn’t see 45cm of length, but what we did see was still impressive.



The park itself had 11 giraffes which were free to wander in the 95 acres of preserved park land.


Apparently the park staff were surprised one day, to see a family of bush pigs also within the confines of the compound — they had snuck under the fence! In the wild, bush pigs, who have poor eyesight, like to stay around the giraffes, who have much better eyesight as well as the benefit of height, allowing them to spot predators more easily. If the giraffes make a move, the bush pigs follow them.

This is Pumba, one of the resident bush pigs at the Giraffe Centre.


In addition to the giraffe feeding station, there is also an education centre, where we learned more about giraffes…


… A few pens for the preservation of rare tortoises…


… And, across the road, a nature walk, where you can learn about the botany and other wildlife in the area. When we strolled through there, we were lucky enough to see a rare creature (whose name we can’t remember, so if you know what it is, leave is a message in the comments section below).


By the end of our visit, we thought the Giraffe Center was amazing, and we were so glad we went. It’s not as wonderful, of course, as seeing a giraffe walking around in the wild right in front of you, like we did in Kruger National Park, but it was a cool experience to have, and a great thing especially for families with young children, who might not have the patience for a full safari.

We had a blast!


3 comments to I Kissed A Gir**** & I Liked It!

  • David Shoup

    What a fun adventure!! Could the creature be a Hyrax? They are rodent like. That is currently the only idea that comes to mind for me. Continue to travel safe!

  • Susan Holman

    What a great experience of being up close and personal with the giraffe. I would love to be there with you guys.

  • kitty

    so you both are really going for big in being personal. First the elephants, then the camels and now this. Is there anything like riding these animals and going to watch another sunshine with them?

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