A Modern Concert In An Ancient Theatre

As we mentioned before, when we walked up to the ancient theatre in Plovdiv, we were not keen on paying the entrance fee. But in our brief conversation with the groundskeeper, he mentioned that there was a concert being held that night, but it was something Folk Pop, and he wasn’t into that kind of music. He felt like it was for younger people.

We took that as a good sign, and asked directions to the ticket office. At the ticket office, the girl in front of us, appearing to be in her mid-20′s, was buying tickets for the same concert we were planning to attend. We took that as another good sign, and so had no qualms asking for two tickets for the Vaselin Marinov concert that evening. (Now, if you’re one of the 7 million people who call yourself Bulgarian, you’ll know where this is going. Chances are you’re not, so keep reading.)

After dinner, as the sun was setting, we headed up the hill to the theatre. Slowly, crowds started to fill the marble seats…

It wasn’t until shortly before the concert started that it dawned on us that most of the people in the audience we in the same age-group as our grandparents…

Apparently we had the wrong idea about the target audience of “Folk Pop”! Oh well. Of course we decided to stay for the concert anyway. As we expected, the entire concert was in Bulgarian, so we understood very little, but the music was fun.

The dancers were… strange. The benefit for us, was that in some of the songs, thanks to the costumes and moves of the dancers, we at least had an idea of what the song was about… some of the time…

Check out our video of one of his songs:

Anyway, we did enjoy the evening, even though it wasn’t quite what we expected it to be. And later, we laughed about it too: Old ladies bringing bouquets of flowers to Vaselin in exchange for a kiss, his incredible amounts of sweat, and his patriotic finale. Apparently he is a major superstar in Bulgaria.

Yet another one of the pleasant surprises in Plovdiv! Have you ever experienced a concert in a foreign country or a different language?

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