Merry Christmas!

Our Mini Christmas Tree

Our mini Christmas tree; not big enough for all of our new ornaments from our world trip.

A year ago at this time, we had just booked our tickets for our world trip and were working on our preparations for our trip. It’s hard to believe how fast a year has gone by. For those that are wondering, 8 months is a good amount of time to see the world, but not nearly enough time to do any one place justice.

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know a lot about our year, although we still have a few months worth of blog posts to catch up. We have put some of the highlights in our Christmas letter for 2012. You can view it on our other site

We keep hearing from people who have enjoyed reading our blog. We can never tell who is reading as we only have a couple of commenters each time, mostly our mothers. As the new year is approaching, make it a resolution for yourself to comment on a post or two if you enjoy what you’re reading. And why wait until the new year? You can start right here or with our Christmas letter! :)

Thanks for all your support. We wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013!

2012 Almeida Christmas Letter

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