Bran Castle... A Little Too Mild for Dracula

Sometimes when you travel, there are mishaps. In this case, we forgot our camera (how could we do that?!) when we went on a day trip to Bran Castle. But we remembered our phone. So it could have been a lot worse, but we’ve just got a bunch of poorer quality photos than we’re used to (and I chose the best ones to show you here, so don’t hold your breathe for anything too impressive)!

Bran Castle is near Brasov, and is touted as “Dracula’s Castle” (one of several, apparently, if you’ve been following our blog). For this reason, I wasn’t that keen on going. I’m not that into the “vampire” thing, and not that into the Dracula “hype”. But Earl argued that since we were only a short bus trip away, we might as well take a look. So we did. And it was in fact quite a nice castle. According to all the posted signs, it’s actually had quite a colourful past, in that its predecessor fell to the Mongols, it was rebuilt and later used as a defense against the Ottoman Empire, and was held briefly by the Magyars before being taken over again by the Romanian royal family before they were expelled by the communist regime. But it would have been very disappointing to visit, we thought, if you were looking for all sorts of vampire lore and gore.

Here’s a little of what we experienced:


From a distance it looked pretty castle-y…


… but up close it was more like a villa, we thought.


The courtyard


It turns out that the main exhibit was showcasing the art and furniture of Queen Marie, who lived at Bran Castle in the 1920s. It was certainly a well done exhibit, and made us imagine what it would have been like to grow up in a castle. This wasn’t really the medieval castle we had thought we’d be visiting on the bus ride there though…


One of the bedrooms (looks like a pretty firm mattress!)


Inside there were some pretty ornate details


Painted doors brought some warmth to the white-washed walls walls


A reminder that a royal family used to live here

I think there was an option to visit a torture-chamber exhibit… but I’m pretty sure that was brought in to appease those Dracula-afficionados. We had seen enough of Dracula when we watched the movie a few days earlier, so we didn’t really feel the need to have that experience either. Instead, we stepped back into the sunshine to enjoy the village surrounding the castle, and to try some fresh raspberries while we waited for the bus to take us back to Brasov.


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  • kitty

    love the view of these raspberries. Trying to imagine what they would taste like in my smoothie. Oh yum, better than this count Dracula ever would have eating even though it is all red :)

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