World Trip

Our 8 month trip around the world is a big step for us.  Leaving a company that we spent over 20 years (combined) at was a decision that was hard to make.  We loved what we did but felt it was time to move in a new direction and our world trip was a good segue into the rest of our lives.  We know we won’t be done traveling after this, but our choice of destination and style of travel will likely change as we grow older and bring children into the world.


Jan. 18 Fly from Vancouver to Hanoi, Vietnam
Overland travel through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand
Feb. 13 Fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Colombo, Sri Lanka
Feb. 20 Fly from Colombo to Mumbai, India
– 3 weeks in Mumbai with Earl’s family
– Visited Amhedabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Agra & Delhi
Apr. 2 Fly from Delhi, India to Abu Dhabi, UAE (bus to Dubai)
Apr. 5 Fly from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg, South Africa
– Two week drive around Eastern South Africa
– Visited Swaziland for 2 days
Apr. 18 Fly from Johannesburg to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
– Visited Dar Es Salaam & Zanzibar (Stone Town & Nungwi)
Apr. 30 Bus from Dar Es Salaam to Mombassa, Kenya
– Visited Mombassa, Malindi & Nairobi
May 8 Fly from Nairobi, Kenya to Cairo, Egypt
– Visited Cairo & Alexandria
May 15 Fly from Cairo to Istanbul, Turkey
May 15-June 5 Toured Turkey
– Istanbul, Izmir, Selcuk, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antalya, Adana, Sanliurfa & Goreme
June 5 Bus & Train from Istanbul to Plovdiv, Bulgaria
June 5-17 Toured Bulgaria
– Plovdiv, Bachkovo, Smilyan, Devin & Sofia
June 17 Bus to Nis, Serbia
June 21-30 Tour Romania
July 1-9 Tour Hungary
July 9-18 - Vienna, Austria
- Bratislava, Slovakia
- Prague, Czech Republic
July 18 Fly from Prague to Dublin, Ireland
July 18-25 Tour Ireland
July 25-28 With friends in Edinburgh, Scotland
July 28-29 With friends in Sheffield, UK
July 30-31 With friends in Oxford, UK
Aug 1-14 Experience the 2012 Summer Olympics in London
Aug & Sep Visit Charlotte’s family in the Netherlands
Sept. 17 Fly from Amsterdam to Reykjavik, Iceland
Sept. 21 Fly from Reykjavik to Toronto

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